Manufacturer Information

Big Beam Emergency Systems

Emergency and Exit Lights.

Phone (815)459-6143 Fax (815)459-6126


LED lamps.

Phone (866)632-7840 Fax (231)726-5029

ETi Solid State Lighting


LED Fixtures and Tubes.

Phone (855)384-7754 Fax (216)468-0348

Gibson Stainless & Specialty


Stainless Steel Conduit and Accessories.

Phone (800)945-4316 Fax (724)838-1544

Global Power Products


Manual Transfer Switchs, Utility Grade Sub-Meters and Surge Protection.

Phone (800)886-3837 Fax (404)401-0757

Insight LED

 LED lighting made in the USA.  Low bay, high bay and wet location fixtures.

Phone (314)699-9640

Lite the Nite

 LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting.

Phone (847) 496-5276

Selecta Products

 Switches, fasteners, batteries, CRC and paint.

Phone (800)722-6445 Fax (800)722-4319

S&P USA Ventilation Systems

 Residential fans, commercial fans and air circulators.

Phone (800)961-7370 Fax (800) 961-7379


 PUSHWIRE® Connectors, Luminaire Disconnect Connectors and Compact Splicing Connectors.

Phone (800)346-7245 Fax (262)255-3232

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